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Fri Jul 26 03:00:33 EDT 2002

Yeah, I think that is how I'll handle these orders from now on.

I remembered something else last night.  If anyone was wondering why I wouldn't
have gotten the missing and wrong badges replaced with the second order instead
of this third one, IIRC I think it was because I tried and only the "CS" badge
came in.

I'll get my part numbers ready, and then call to get it straightened out.

Also, I always forget to ask her, but does Didi use email at all?  One of the
things I wish were better is that I usually have to wait on hold quite a while
until she finally gets on the phone.  It seems like sometimes they forget I'm
waiting and pick up again, only to have me request her again.  If I could use
email, then she can respond to my query whenever she had the time.  When I do
get her on the phone, there's always all kinds of background activity going on
on her end.  Probably contributes to the messed up orders.

I'll ask her about that too.

[zoom to the future, later that same day]

OK, I saved this as a draft and am finishing it up.  I was going to look up in
the FA the p/n I needed for the badge, but didn't have it with me.  But I did
speak to Didi.  She gave me an email address to use, anklebyttr at  I
haven't tried this yet, but she says she checks it about once a day.  She gave
me permission to share it with everyone.

She also suggested the fax number, saying that it will quickly go the person it
is marked attention to.  That number is 650-856-0648.

Thanks everyone for the (etka) suggestions.  Ordering by part number will
address one of the two problems I had.  The mis-picking of the Fuchs caps
wouldn't have been helped, since they were all supposed to be the right part
number.  I'm not sure it would have helped with this latest badge thing, but
when I do look at the FA to see what she was looking at, I may understand

As long as they cover the return shipping as they have been, don't charge me
for something I didn't get, I finally get the parts I want, and I'm not left
car-less due to these snafu's, I'll keep trying.  I wouldn't want to pitch a
fit and have the resource pulled, as I see it is a real benefit to myself and
this community.

Btw, Didi mentioned that the silver-on-black relief, oval style, older "5000"
badge is discontinued.



Quoting Marc Swanson <mswanson at>:

> Hi Ken,
> one word:  ETKA
> Looking up the part numbers yourself will eliminate these sorts of
> problems and helps out the dealer tremendously.  Consider that Carlsen
> is using the same catalog that many of us are using at home so if they
> can't distinguish between closely related parts then you probably
> wouldn't be able to either.  If you lookup the part numbers yourself and
> make a mistake at least you can figure out where you went wrong if you
> get the wrong part.
> Just my .02.. been ordering by P/N for years now and have only ordered
> the wrong part once (knock on zebrano!) :-)

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