Boston Metro West Dealer for Bose recall

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Sun Jul 28 00:14:40 EDT 2002

Has anyone tried Reitzl in Norwell?  Looks like one of their techs did
very well in the Audi tech challenge.  Here is the link to the tech
challlenge article on Audiworld:

I know that the tech won't work on the Bose recall but thought it was
interesting to find out that a MA based dealer has "one of the best".

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On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> At 4:49 PM -0400 7/25/02, Paul R. Luevano wrote:
> >Who would you goto?
> Clair, or Ira, depending upon who is closer.  Dunno about any of the
> ones right in Boston.  I have no idea how Bernardi is these days(they
> are in a new building, which is a MAJOR plus, you know exactly what I
> mean if you've ever been to the OLD Bernardi building :-)
> >   Who would you stay away from?
> Pass the Wizz(Pass&Wies or whatever their name is.)  They have a
> HORRIBLE reputation, have for -years-.  Rob Winchell had a friend who
> took his Boxster to them for service, and they managed to rip the
> front bumper cover on a fence.  Cool, eh?
> They screwed us over a couple times, too.  Most notable was the
> "sure, we'll warrantee those shocks for a year!" Hah.  They blew
> within a few months, and the guy at the parts counter refused to take
> 'em back.  My father NEVER went there again, despite them being about
> a mile from where he worked.
> >   Never used a dealer for
> >service, so I have nothing to base this on.  Also, I have heard that dealers
> >loose $$ on recalls, so I don't know if I want to goto Clair, who
> >has never done me wrong when it comes to parts.
> Clair would be an excellent choice, IMHO.  I don't think they loose
> money on recalls; I believe they invoice AoA for it, like they would
> warrantee service.
> Brett
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