Followup RE: Water Temperature Gauge Dead- Instrument Cluster Issues

TM t44tq at
Sun Jul 28 16:01:41 EDT 2002

I don't get it- I checked all of the connections, made sure everything
hooked up fine, basically triple-checked everything and- nothing.
gauge is completely unresponsive.

It worked before I pulled the cluster so that doesn't really make sense
everything else works properly, including the speedo, tach, trip

Looks like I'll have to seek some expert help in troubleshooting.


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I think I killed my water temp gauge. Oops. In the process of replacing
instrument cluster bulbs, I got a bit enthusiastic with the contact
cleaner and after having put the cluster back in the car, I find that
the water temp gauge in inoperative.

Everything else works fine, but no water temp- sits on C and never

Any suggestions on what to look for? I think the contact cleaner
definitely had something to do with it. Otherwise, I may have tweaked a
wire or didn't hook something up properly when I put it back together.

I'll be consulting the Bentley in the meantime, but if anyone has
suggestions on what and where to look for connections for the water temp
gauge in the cluster, it would be greatly appreciated.

Having put 2W bulbs in the cluster, I have to now get some more 2W bulbs
for the trip computer and clock, it's so bright now.

Also, does anyone have a pointer on how to replace the bulbs for things
like the airbag light, etc.? These bulbs appear to have their bases
soldered to a wire in the harness and I'm horrible at soldering.


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