Fuse Amperage??? for a fuse beween the battery and the car.

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Tue Jul 30 17:12:15 EDT 2002

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The battery is an Optima yellow top, so no gases in my case, but it is a valid

Just in case someone asks, the battery is in a marine box and is firmly
attached to the car structure by 2" metal bars and 3/8" threaded rods. It
won't go anywhere.


>From: Kneale Brownson
>To: "passat TS" , quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: Re: Fuse Amperage??? for a fuse beween the battery and the car.
>Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:39:48 -0400
>Probably a good concern. I'd be more worried about the bad gases
>given off by the battery. Hopefully you also provided some vent
>system for the potentially explosive and corrosive gases.
>Audi put the battery for all the Type 44 and subsequent cars under
>the rear seat. I don't recall any kind of protective device on
>these. Is there one?
>At 01:02 PM 07/30/2002 +0000, passat TS wrote:
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>>I relocated the battery to right behind the front seats, and have a
>>with the positive, going to a kill switch, throught the fire wall,
>>finally connected to the orignal cables where the battery used to
>>I just realize that in an accident the cable that goes from the
>>battery to the
>>kill switch could break causing a constant short (fire hazard). The
>>switch, once not engaged, would prevent a short at the engine, but
>>not at the
>>So, what do you recommend for a fuse in the battery box?
>>(amperage, type,
>>where to get it).
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