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>Probably a good concern.  I'd be more worried about the bad gases given off
>by the battery.  Hopefully you also provided some vent system for the
>potentially explosive and corrosive gases.
>Audi put the battery for all the Type 44 and subsequent cars under the rear
>seat.  I don't recall any kind of protective device on these.  Is there
>At 01:02 PM 07/30/2002 +0000, passat TS wrote:
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> >
> >I relocated the battery to right behind the front seats, and have a
> >with the positive,  going to a kill switch, throught the fire wall, and
> >finally connected to the orignal cables where the battery used to be.
> >
> >I just realize that in an accident the cable that goes from the battery
>to the
> >kill switch could break causing a constant short (fire hazard). The kill
> >switch, once not engaged, would prevent a short at the engine, but not at
> >back.
> >
> >So,  what do you recommend for a fuse in the battery box? (amperage,
> >where to get it).
> >
> >TIA,
> >
> >Carlos.

On the type 44, the battery is under the back seat (US passenger side, right
side, or curb side).  It is protected by a plastic insulator thingy that
covers the positive terminal.  Both terminals are recessed.  The gases are
vented via a tube to the outside of the car through the floor.  That's for
the specified battery.

There is no fuse between the positive battery terminal and wherever the
cable goes (probably the starter).  No car of which I know has any
protection on this circuit.  I guess you could probably insert some kind of
fuse or fusible link.  It'd be a killer though.  The cable is as thick as
your finger, and the amp rating on the battery is over 500.

Are you worried that the cable could be disconnected or severed in an
accident?  And therefore a live end would be flailing around?  Well, I guess
that's the problem all cars would have.  Your problem is more likely in the
exposed battery and exposed cable.  Protect them.  Put the battery in a
plastic box that they use on boats for this purpose.  Go to your friendly
local marine store.  Put the cable in some household wiring conduit.  Go to
your local friendly hardware store.  Tie everything down real well, so it
won't come loose in an accident.

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