'85 4kq no start, no fuel to injectors.

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Tue Jul 30 21:52:59 EDT 2002

you have to lift the plate with the pump jumpered on..
if you get no fuel then you have no fuel pressure.
just because a fuel pump makes noise doesn't mean it still works, BTDT.

'86 4kq
At 02:50 PM 7/30/02, Ben Swann wrote:
>Patient is '85 4000 Quattro with CIS-E.
>Car was driven to me.  PO had needed to jump start the car to get it
>running and seemed to be running fine when I received the car.  I have not
>been able to get the car started since, except for some short startup then
>After major cleanup of engine bay, wiring, ground points, etc. the engine
>now cranks longer than before.  It still doesn't start, except only briefly
>which I attribute to cold start injector fuel.  I have confirmed that
>theory by being able to start the car with ether.
>I am sure I am getting fuel to the distributor, as I hear the pump running,
>and can jumper it and hear fuel flowing.  I had confirmed spark earlier.  I
>have replaced the air filter and cleaned up the airflow assembly and
>throttle body - they were abysmal!  All clean now.
>So I pulled injectors 1 & 2.  Lifting the air sensor plate even through its
>total range does not cause injectors to spray at all, not a drop.
>What are the likely culprits?

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