'85 4kq no start, no fuel to injectors.

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jul 31 14:33:16 EDT 2002


So far you have provided the reply that is closest to what the actual
problem was.

Anyone else wan't to play "what was the problem", before I give the answer.


'85 4000 quattro - CIS-E

Car had been driven previous day, but had been sitting for sometime prior.
 Mush of the electircal had to be cleaned up just to get the car to crank
properly.  Following engin bay cleaning, major ground cleanup, there was no
improvement except the car cranked strongly now...

No start, get spark.

Much dirt found when air filter replaced and throttle body cleaned.

All vacuum lines replaced.

Car would start momentarily on cold star injector fuel or starting fluid.

Fuel pump relay jumpered so pump is running - for purposes here assume that
fuel was definately being dlivered to the system.

Also ignition was on(should not have made a difference in testing.)

Two injectors were pulled.  The sensor plate was lifted, yet there was no
injector spray.  Even when the plate was lifted all the way, there was no
fuel coming out of the injectors.

For purposes of diagnosis, assume new injectors were installed and still
there was no fuel spray.

I think this is a good one to at least try, because somewhere along the way
you are likely to find trouble with this component, or a related problem.
 Besides, I did all of the difficult stuff.


On Wednesday, July 31, 2002 1:15 PM, EBavely [SMTP:veetesse at hotmail.com]
> Ben...
> I'm wondering if this problem is the same thing that I just saw on an 83
> Coupe GT that I recently picked up.  At first when I jumpered the fuel
> relay, I didn't get any spray at the injectors at all. This got me
> about the fuel distributor then I confirmed what I thought with a friend.
> It turned out to be the plunger in the fuel distributor that sits above
> other end of the air sensor plate "lever".  In my case, the plunger had a
> bunch of crap (fuel that had turned into varnish after sitting for a few
> years)  on it and was stuck in its bore.  I managed to free up the
> the first time I took it out, but it later got stuck in the full on
> so the injectors were constantly spraying.  Substituting a known good
> distributor confirmed that this was the problem.
> Could this be the same problem with that car?  Had it been sitting and
> sucked a bunch of junk into the fuel distributor?  It does have an
> electrical connection on it and a problem with the plunger would account
> resistance when pulling up the sensor plate.
> Hope this helps...
> Elliott Bavely
> 86 4000CS Quattro
> 88 80 Fwd
> 83 Coupe GT
> 83 GTI FSP Racey car
> 83 GTI 16V
> 90 VW Cabriolet

Close Elliott, very close!  Once I found the problem, it took me under 15
min to fix(ok more like 30 min. because I am slow, I mean thourough).

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