re. Warning..... Audi's Can Damage Your Marriage

Ben Swann bswann at
Wed Jul 31 23:54:43 EDT 2002

[Hi folks

not much audi content on this one but suffice to say that my wife of the
last 7 years is leaving me with the kids, bummer a real bummer i can tell
you, and on the divorce papers unreasonable behaviour. Can't believe it, be
careful out there you never when that bolt is coming right at you out of

Well one things for sure she ain't getting the 90q 20v. Hah.



My wife and I have struggled with this now for years.  Actually there has
always been something to pick on, just for the last few years it has been

Let's see, I have given up many things to keep our marriage going.  I used
to play music - mostly Rock, Jazz.  I have pretty much given that up, for I
admit it was not very conducive to family life.

Anyway, I have found, that whatever it is we could usually work through it.
 Sometime it required great compromise and mostly a lot of cool and

I continue with my AUDI "transgressions" because after much introspection
and analysis, I feel it is best for our current personal circumstances and
finances, and have explained that repetitively and even shown it on paper.
 It is not the best thing for everyone, but for a techie/motorhead like me,
it makes sense.  Even lately she has been showing some support for
something that started as a hobby, and may be good financially.

My wife has gone on a rant many times, only to come around later.  I hope
this is the case for you.  Sometimes, however I guess there really are
irreconcilable differences.  Don't let the matter of a car ruin what might
be a good marriage, but don't lose sight over who you are just to hold on
to a marriage doomed to failure anyway.

Keep your wits, if she has grounds that you are irresponsible or behaving
unreasonably, then resolve your end of the conflict, especially if you want
to stay married - studies have been showing more and more that divorce is
not such a good thing and the easy way out is not necessarily the best.  If
she is imposing unreasonable demands, then those fact will show through as

My thoughts and prayers are with you, especially as this has been a
constant strain for me too.


p.s.  We sold our beloved 90q 20V for a downpayment on a house before it
depreciated anymore.  Have not driven anything newer than '87 since then.

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