co adjustments and o2 voltage (was high compression motors in 4kqs)

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Sun Jun 2 16:27:30 EDT 2002

i was trying to get the mixture set on the 4kq  last night and hooked up
the multimeter to a ground and used and jumper to connect
to the o2 sensor, i was originally getting a littler over 0.9v at wot, and
0.8 at idle after a bit of tweaking it seems to run best with a variance
from 0.4 -0.8 i leaned the mixture a bit and at wot now i get 0.84 seems to
run smoother while cruising it seems to reside between 0.5- 0.7 which i
assume is reasonable.

oh, i was checking DPR current and it seemed pretty fixed at 9.73 is this a
bad temp sensor since the o2 sensor is relatively new and seems to be
functioning correctly?

'86 4kq

> >are you monitoring O2 or EGT?
>Alas, I don't have an EGT sensor.  I could rig something with the o2 sensor
>and a multimeter then go drive around...
>misc vag products

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