low oil pressure 1989 type 44 turbo

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Mon Jun 3 11:34:08 EDT 2002

One of my 200tq shows exactly  same numbers.  I cleaned relief valve.  Same thing.  It does
not yet exclude possibility that something is wrong with relief valve.  Pressure sensor
contacts are cleaned and greased.  I will try to change relief valve withing next month or
two and I will  post result.
Another 200tq I have shows higher pressure - always 5 bar when revving.

Konstantin Bogach.

> Hi List,
> Driving about last night and on first start up oil pressure gauge flicks
> round to 5 bar as usual when cold. As it got warm though the pressure at
> 3k rpm was only about 3 bar. Not very normal. Oil level is fine. No
> warning buzzers went off as it still just about made 2 bar by 2k rpm.
> So, when cold, oil pressure hits 5 bar. When warm it struggles to 3 bar,
> even when revved.
> First thoughts are an oil and filter change (last done about 2.5k miles
> ago, it usually has the VAG synta gold oil and Audi filter) accompanied
> by a strip and clean of the pressure relief valve. Any other
> suggestions? There were no preceeding symptoms.
> Can a sticking pressure relief valve cause low oil pressure? What foxed
> me was it does hit 5 bar when cold but as things warm up max pressure
> drops to c. 3 bar. I suppose it could be the valve sticking `open' when
> warm?? Does the pressure relief valve actively control max oil pressure,
> or is it just there in case of a blockage somewhere to stop something
> blowing?
> TIA.
> Graham
> 1989 type 44 turbo.
> P.S. a check of the archives suggests the pressure relief valve rather
> than a failing oil pump, particularly as I'm already running a stock oil
> filter.

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