4k replacement antenna question

Steven Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Mon Jun 3 10:01:51 EDT 2002

Hey Doug,

Doug Johnson wrote:

> On the "new" 4kq I bought recently, the PO hogged out the hole to install an
> aftermarket antenna which was broken when I bought the car.
> The hole is to large to install an OEM antenna.
> Has anyone used a Fuba like VWs use on the roof?
> If they are functional for a rear fender installation, will I have trouble
> with the larger-than-average hole in my fender?

I would say, No to putting a roof mounted antenna on the fender.  The angle of
the Fuba's are for a rather flat surface.  Some years ago, I put a Fuba fender
mount on my Rabbit GTI which was amplified.  It looks similar but retracted
which was really neat.  The length was about 4-5cm's.  As far as the hole,
you'll have to find a (plastic) spacer to fill the hole. I used the bottom from
other antenna kits to cover the hole in the Rabbit's fender.

> Also, are the roof-mounted Fubas amplified like the OEMs on 4kqs?

Actually, the Aftermarket Fubas are a little better quality than OEM.  Of course
that was when the Fubas were coming stock on 16v VW's.  (As I date myself).


4kqs (Needing a clutch hose to get going)

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