Bose speaker replacements what size?

scott thomas scott at
Mon Jun 3 12:57:13 EDT 2002

I'm pulling the Bose system out of my car (90
200q), but I found a couple of ways to go about

1. I found out that I can keep the head unit,
but add on amps and speakers
2. Tear everything out and replace. Replacement
may not be the reverse of removal :(

Ok, my question is this: When I remove the front
door speakers, what size replacements do I use
and how do I fit them? I'll be removing the
amp/speaker assembly, so how do I fit a
different speaker in? I know many qlisters have
replaced the entire thing, so I wanted btdt's.

The rear, I'm undecided between the 6x9's or 6
1/2's. I can get comparable sound from either,
but I gotta see what's available.

If I change everything, the head's gonna be an
Alpine with an internal amp. Rewiring is going
to be fun. I am going to leave the factory
wiring intact, however. I may put tweeters
(later) in the spaces where dash speakers were
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