4kq oil temp?

David.Ullrich at ferguson.com David.Ullrich at ferguson.com
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My CGT seems to vary a lot when it comes to oil temp. When cruising at highway speeds above 65 MPH or so, it will rise to around 130 C or a tad under (hard to tell on the digi-gauge) and the water temps come down a tad (1-2 bars below middle on digi-gauge). When in stop and go city traffic, the oil temps drop to around 90C and water temps rise to exactly the middle of the gauge. So, I too, would like to know if this is "normal," In my case the car has a stock NG in it...


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My '86 4kq seems to be running close to 130 C oil temperature lately.  I
remember the 4kq being right around 100 C since I got it a couple months
ago.  I also seem to recollect a discussion on oil temperatures in the
recent past, and that 100 C was held as ideal.

So, is it normal for the oil temperature to hang around 130 C?  Is 100 C
indeed more normal?  What might cause the oil temperature to suddenly be

Oil level looks fine; the oil looks fine.  Ambient air temperature is
certainly higher now than in the last few months.  Is there a thermostat for
the oil cooler somewhere I need to be concerned about?


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