Racking' my brain - advice requested, please.

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jun 4 15:06:22 EDT 2002

[Can anyone provide a real-life, long-term testimonial to Jorgen racks? I
know they come highly recommended here, but a very informative
conversation I had with an incredibly helpful (he is to be commended for
his honesty) Jorgen technician this morning basically had them disowning
their own product. Said he was close to giving up on rebuilding
5000/100/200 racks entirely. I took that to be a very bad sign.
Shaun Folkerts
89 200 qa
86 4kqcs]

OK - I have one in a 5kcstqa.   Seems to do a "bad puppy"  frequently.  I
stocked up on Pentosin, since it is more trouble to replace.  Somedays it
don't leak much and some days..can you say "SPLURT".  l My take would be -
not impressed.  Worst is when you are stopped at a light and pentodripping
all over the CAT - ewwww!

PO lost receipt so I don't believe I have any recourse and it has been
difficult chasing the leak which started amsll and the grew.  Plus I can't
imagine what a PITA the job would be.

I think the rack has about 1 year on it, and AFAIK it was pretty much
leaking at the outset.


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