Assistance required!

Derek 4ktq at
Wed Jun 5 00:54:48 EDT 2002


Sorry to hear your MC isn't firing right up.  When I did my 4ktq, it had a
bad miss after the first test run.  The engine dropped to 4 cylinders, and
was barely faster than stock.  It turned out to be the metering head,
probably some crud got into it while the fuel system was apart.  Have you
pulled the injectors and sprayed them into a bucket or something to see that
one or more isn't dribbling fuel instead of misting it?  Fuel mixture
somewhere close to correct?  My donor CIS was 2 full turns rich!.  Plug
wires in the correct 1-2-4-5-3 order?  I got them wrong once after a
different swap.  It would crank and crank, fire briefly, but not keep
running.  Are there any codes stored?

I don't know much about 90 electricals so I can't say why you've suddenly
lost all power.

Hope this helps get you going again.  Don't be too frustrated, the grin that
results from WOT in 3rd makes it all worthwhile.

'85 4kq  '86 4ktq  '87 Gti 16v

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