re. Assistance required!

Ben Swann bswann at
Wed Jun 5 12:12:31 EDT 2002

Check to make sure your distributor is not out of its window.  The MC/MAC11
setup is picky about that - did you check codes - that will likely tell.

Ben - just went through this somewhat.

[I finished the MC conversion on my 90q. Well I thought I did. I went to
rt the car and it has a miss. ..snip...
s later, I got good at fishing and waisting time (Idon't have a lot of
 I got it out and proceded. After that it still has a miss but almost
 to run, It stalls though. Sounds as though it's on 3 cyls. not sure. But
fter the last try, I have no power at all. I turn the ignition and nothing
no lights nothing. I came right in after washing up and sat down at the
puter. The ignition parts are not new. Almost new, 2 years old. but the
 ran great before the swap. The plugs are new though. If any one can point
me in "a" direction as I'm tapped out at the moment, it would be swell.
nks, Brandon]

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