dissolving olive oil in your tank

Pantelis Giamarellos pantg at otenet.gr
Thu Jun 6 19:20:33 EDT 2002

Roger remember this is an AUDI.

Not an Aston Martin or a Z8 (on the other hand Timothy Dalton was driving an
Audi in one of the 007 movies IIRC it was the one with the Russian tselist

Some retsina white wine (greek specialty wine which I do not really like
BTW) might do the trick too.

Take care

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> The absolutely best way to dissolve olive oil in the fuel system, is to
> about a quart of gin, then drive the car over a very rough road at rapid
> speed. This must be done on a very dry day, by the way.
> It is VERY important that you not try to effect the mixture in any other
> way, because it simply won't work very well.
> This is the "shaken, not stirred" method.

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