High Pressure Schrader valve

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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 15:26:09 -060
From: "Southerlin, Russell S" <russell.s.southerlin at lmco.com
Subject: Bomb Recharging Update
 Just thought I would update the list on the bomb recharging that I have been
doing for the last 8 months or so. To date I have sent out 10 recharged units
and have had two different recharged units in my own car. The current unit in my
car has been in for 6 months and it still has the 30+ pumps of the brake pedal
indicating that it is still fully charged. I have heard of no problems (knock on
wood) with any of the units that I have sent out. I have only seen one that had
a ruptured bladder. I have screwed up a couple in the drilling process but that
was early on and I have pretty much perfected the process. I have drilled a
couple that had some pressure in them (which can be a surprise) but for the most
part there is very little pressure in them and all that is needed is a recharge.
I even helped one list member (I do not recall his name) come up with his own
fittings and such and he successfully recharged his own. Although he admitted it
cost him the same or maybe slightly more than what I am charging. I have had
problems getting cores for the newer 200 style bombs. The older 5K styles are
easier to get. I am no longer offering any money for the cores but if anyone has
an old one in the garage that they want to donate to the cause I will pay
shipping for them to ship it to me. If anyone is interested in getting their
bomb recharged here is my updated standard E-mail. I am not doing this a
business venture but only as a service to the Audi list. I am not trying to make
any money (or feed my family) off of this but just offering a service to other
fellow Audi Fans. I have gone to an honor system where you send me the money and
I will send you an Accum. and you promise to send me back your old one. The core
charges and sending checks back and forth got to be too much of a hassle >If you
can afford for your car to be down for a few days send me your >bomb and a check
for $58 ($50 for the recharge and $8 shipping). I will send your recharged bomb
back. > >If you cannot afford for your car to be down send me a check for $58
($50 for the recharge and $8 shipping), I >will send you a good bomb and you
promise to send me back your old one. > >What I will do: >1)Inspect and test
bomb for good condition. >2)Install high pressure fitting (rated for 6500psi
working pressure). >3)Recharge with 1000-1100psi nitrogen. >4)Monitor for
pressure leakage.
If you can fill out the answer to these questions also it will help me determine
if your bomb is good. "Pumps" means when you gently pump the brake pedal count
the number of strokes it takes when you loose the "power assist". 1) As soon as
engine is turned off how many pumps are there?__________ 2) If #1 is greater
than 0, then after the engine has been off about 10 minutes how many pumps are
there?_________ 3) If #2 is greater than 0, then after the engine has been off
overnight how many pumps are there?_________ 4) Is the brake warning light
coming on?______________ 5) If #4 is yes is it on right away after starting or
after driving awhile?___________ 6) What type of hydraulic fluid do you use -
Pentosin green cap, red cap (synthetic), or other?____________ 7) Is the fluid
nice and clean or is it dirty?______________ 8) What is the make and model of
your car?_________________ >
>E-mail me directly or call >Thanks >
Russ Southerlin
8894 S. Brentwood St.
Littleton, CO 80128 8898
>(303)932-1763 (home)
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Subject: High Pressure Schrader valve
Author:  ScottyCBoy at aol.com at INTERNET
Date:    6/7/2002 1:27 AM
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I'm looking for a high pressure schrader type valve to refill a few bombs I
have with Nitrogen. Anybody got a part number or how to? The archives wern't
much help.


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