The Audi Gods were watching...

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Fri Jun 7 17:27:53 EDT 2002

    No, I think the secret shown by this story is that you're on her $h1t
list until you do something to redeem yourself, like wear the shirt.  I
carry an Audi flag, Chiltons manual, two small Team Joest stickers and two
bottles of oil in my car at all times.  Up until last week when my fuel pump
went on my way to the hospital, all my problems have been fixable on the
roadside in minutes, within limping distance of home, or at times when I'm
in no particular hurry and the car won't be needed for a few days.  The Audi
gods don't smile on me specifically, they just make sure I'm not going to

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> Fisher, Scott wrote:
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> >Audi Gods' benevolence #1: ...
> >Audi Gods' benevolence #2: ...
> >Audi Gods' benevolence #3: ...
> >Audi Gods' benevolence #4: ...
> See, there is an Audi god. However, she likes some of
> us more than others. I just wish I knew how I got on
> her sh!t list.
> Kent McLean
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" with replacement oil cooler

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