Killing mold/Mildew? (was AC Unusual smell)

Jon Boyer jonboyer at
Fri Jun 7 19:33:38 EDT 2002

I guy told me he used formaldehyde (forgive the spelling) with great
success.  Just set an open container of the stuff in the car and leave it
over night.  Use at your own risk, though.

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>Subject: Re: Killing mold/Mildew? (was AC Unusual smell)
>Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 10:33:34 -0700 (PDT)
>--- David.Ullrich at wrote:
> > I talked to my mechanic. he says that R134a really
> > doesn't have an odor and that ester oil doesn't
> > small bad either. His thought is that there likely
> > was LOTS of mold/mildew dried in the vents or
> > evaporator and that now it has gotten rewetted and
> > is giving off the odor. So, he said that I should
> > hit it with LOTS of Lysol. Is that really the best
> > method of killing the mold/mildew and making that
> > god awful smell go away? Thoughts? Suggestions?
> >
> > Dave
>I've heard Febreez works well, without the smell too.
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