This is going to sound sort of stupid, but...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Jun 7 20:55:24 EDT 2002

If you do a Google search on the
website  <  > for terms like "survivors"  "bites the
dust", etc., there are repeated anecdotal reports of folks who walked away
from some horrendous crash that their Audi protected them through.  Safety
issues mean a lot, including the security provided by better traction in
poor driving conditions.

At 06:30 PM 06/07/2002 -0500, Christina Tryon wrote:

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>Okay, please no one laugh too hard...I'm writing a humorous argument for
>my Comp II class and I've decided to call it, "Why everyone should drive
>an Audi!"
>Anyway, since we all love our Audis, I am inviting any and all to email me
>a "testimonial" of sorts of your Audis.  Tell me what kind you have, what
>your experience has been, why you love it/them and how many miles you have
>been able to drag out of her/them-or just anything you want to say about
>Audi's in general.  Everyone who sends me info will, of course, be listed
>in my Bibliography (Hey, I want to get an A+ here!)
>My paper needs to be 5 pages long, so I won't post the final draft to the
>list (You can all breathe a giant sigh of relief), but if anyone's really
>interested in reading it, I'll be happy to pass a copy of it along when
>it's finished.
>Thank you everyone for your time and your help (in advance.)
>Christina Tryon (Poor college student/wife/mother/Audifan)
>Bill Tryon (The man who is responsible for keeping them going/taking
>apart/putting them back together)
>88 90Q (240,000+)
>87.5 CGT (many parts on the way, slowly coming together)
>87 4000s (Garden Gnome)
>82 Coupe (RIP-still very missed)

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