This is going to sound sort of stupid, but...

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I am likely to be the ultimate Audifan. Well at least ultimate Coupe GT fan. Well, maybe not the ultimate, but I AM obsessed. I sold my 1998 VW Passat 1.8T that had been modified into a blindingly fast sports sedan just so I could drive the car I have been dreaming about since I was 7. I'm now somewhere between 25 and 30, getting closer to the later by the second.  When I was growing up, my mother bought the all new 1982 Coupe, dad had it's predecessor, the Audi 4000 5+5. That was my first exposure to the Audi Coupes. I've been in love ever since. During college in the early mid 90s, I started doing research into the later Coupe GTs. I found some information on a "Special Build" Coupe GT that was produced late in the last year of the Coupe GT. I've been drooling over them ever since. Anyway, I bought my 1987 Coupe GT Special Build back in December 2001 and have been loving it ever since. Sure the Audi Gods have shown their ire to me a few times, but nothing that sacrificing a screwdriver and a quart of 20w50 on the Audi Alter didn't cure. I finally sold the VW last week. Interesting thing is that I think my CGT has a jealous streak. It's running better now that the Passat is gone than it ever has in the past. She's got just over 117,000 miles on her. Recent work includes: tires, shocks/struts, strut mounts, engine mounts, stabilizer link pins, full tune up (cap, rotor, plugs and wires), and a full AC conversion to R134a (what a nightmare). I'm hoping for another happy 100,000+ miles out of her.

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Okay, please no one laugh too hard...I'm writing a humorous argument for my Comp II class and I've decided to call it, "Why everyone should drive an Audi!"
Anyway, since we all love our Audis, I am inviting any and all to email me a "testimonial" of sorts of your Audis.  Tell me what kind you have, what your experience has been, why you love it/them and how many miles you have been able to drag out of her/them-or just anything you want to say about Audi's in general.  Everyone who sends me info will, of course, be listed in my Bibliography (Hey, I want to get an A+ here!)
My paper needs to be 5 pages long, so I won't post the final draft to the list (You can all breathe a giant sigh of relief), but if anyone's really interested in reading it, I'll be happy to pass a copy of it along when it's finished.

Thank you everyone for your time and your help (in advance.)

Christina Tryon (Poor college student/wife/mother/Audifan)
Bill Tryon (The man who is responsible for keeping them going/taking apart/putting them back together)
88 90Q (240,000+)
87.5 CGT (many parts on the way, slowly coming together)
87 4000s (Garden Gnome)
82 Coupe (RIP-still very missed)

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