heater blower removal type 44

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 14:39:36 EDT 2002


  Just did this on my new to me 90 200tqa it's a easy
 Little tip taking the hood off makes the job easier
you'll be able to sit on the windshield so you'll have
more maneuverability cause that heater box is a
bastard to get out the seal is a bear but can be done,
 You have to take out the side panels those are easy
then take out the radio, and unhook everything thats
going to be in the way which is everything
I marked all the connectors but it's not nessasary
cause the connectors are the same colors as the seat
heater,rear defrost,rear fog light,ABS switches rite
next to the e-brake there's a cover that needs to come
off to expose a screw, the shifter boot comes off a
few bolts hold the shifter boot to the center section
there are all so colored vacume lines that attach to
the heater servos those lines come off just some
screws, heres all so a rubber boot that attaches the
ducting to the heater box and the 2 elbows that come
off the box I think thats it for the inside
 Under the hood take out the heater core hoses pinch
them or I used batterie tops there plastic and fit
inside the hoses, on the pass side you'll have to
remove some vacume lines once again there colored so
thats easy, all so the heater control wire, still on
the pass side
push the black acordian type tube into the heater box
and remove everything thats in the way, disconnect the
blower moter motor connector I all so took the
opertunity to clean out the spot where the heater box
sits it was nasty tons of leaves and other stuff in
 then I think you're ready to remove the box from the
car I just wiggled and tugged on it till it came free
a little bit of a job that was and the box should come
 before you get excited there are 3 hidden screws
you'll need a very long Phillip's screw driver to
reach them and when putting the box back together I
was a little concerned with the heater flaps inside
the box but everything went together fine.
 Well let me know if I forgot anything and if you
still need a hand I'd drive up to help you I'm in Mass
so not that far away from you. Let me know
87 5ksq non turbo(original owner) 227k euros,white
corners,fuchs,eibach prokit,boge turbogas,strut
bar,power leather sport seat conversion from grey
MANUAL cloth
90 200tqa 205k IA stageII,2.0 bar

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