Audi Transmissions & GL-5

Mark Hahn hahnmgh63 at
Mon Jun 10 21:36:39 EDT 2002

  One caution is that if you use Redline GL-5 in the transmission is to
use 75W-90NS and not the regular 75W-90. The 'NS' has additives for the
syncros where the regular does not and the syncros will not get the
friction they need which means more gear clashing. As for the 016
tranny. Audi recommends a GL-4 which Porsche originally recommended for
the 944 which uses a 016 tranny but Porsche revised there recommendation
a number of years ago in a tech bulletin to GL-5 which I have been using
in a 5000 and 2 x 944 Turbos for 3 to 8 years depending on which car
with no problems. It seems that at least in the higher horsepower Turbos
Porsche figured that the extra gear protection from the GL-5 was needed
more than the friendlier syncro action of the GL-4. Just some more food
for thought.  MGH

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