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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Jun 11 16:02:36 EDT 2002

Livolsi, Stephane writes:
> Ummmm.... I think I may have missed a quantum leap in warning light
> technology at some point.
> All of my experience with oil warning lights (various makes/models) have
> been 'If it's on when the engine is running - shut the engine off NOW, and
> maybe you didn't do TOO much damage'
> Is it different for this engine?

On many type 81/85 cars there is a dynamic oil pressure warning system
where there are two oil pressure sensor switches and a control unit.
One of the switches activates at 0.3 bar and the other at 1.8 bar.
The oil warning light will come on if the oil pressure drops below 0.3 bar
under any condition.  The control unit will also turn on the warning light
and sound a buzzer if the engine is revved up to a certain RPM and the oil
pressure is below 1.8 bar.

If the oil is very thin, the engine is hot, the idle speed is a
bit low and the tolerance of the 0.3 bar switch is a bit high, it is
possible for the warning light to come on.  I would check the oil level
and the oil sensor right away.

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