A WTB and also a FS...

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I thought you were dead set against owning an older car?!?

Have you thought of just getting an A4 Avant- much more practical
than the sedan, quite a bit of space cargo-wise (unless you need
the cavernous space of the type44) and very similar dynamically
to what you drive now. You could even transfer most of your goodies.


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Well, first the wanted to buy.  I'm looking for a 1991
200 Quattro wagon.  Yeah, I know, tough to find.  To
make things easier on me I want one with sports seats.
 Must be in good shape, records a plus, other color
other than red a plus.  Have cash!  I'm in New
England, but willing to travel for the right car.

Now the for sale.  While I like my 1997 A4 1.8T
quattro, the realities of having a house and a 90lb
dog are sinking in.  I need a bigger car for those
runs to Home Depot and carrying the dog.  Hence the
wagon, oops, avant.  :-)

The A4 is red, is still covered under the Audi Assured
warranty until 75k miles or this August.  Car
currently has 70k and change mileage.  5 speed, winter
package, convenience package, sports package.  Stock
wheels with Hakka's, 17's available.  Car is in
immaculate shape in and out, everything works as it
should.  Many goodies available for a reasonable price (basically what I
could sell them for used, minus the PITA factor to remove them from the
car)  Or if you have a '91 Avant, I'll trade you for the A4 with cash
coming my way.



Josh Wyte
Momentum Motorsports
508-833-3024 After 5 pm EST

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