Whats the next step.

auditude at get.net auditude at get.net
Tue Jun 11 20:14:48 EDT 2002

Do you have a bypass valve installed?  Are you running a single pass intercooler?

I would say those two things are on the agenda next.  I'm not sure about the K24/QLCC, but if it can
handle it, you can increase the boost to 15psi, or whatever you can get away with without knocking.  I did
that using a pneumatic regulator, upper WG chamber mod.


BOREDOUTT at aol.com BOREDOUTT at aol.com
> I have now put over 3000 miles on my Quantum Syncro w/mc turbo
> swap @12pounds of boost. I hate to say I already am used to it.
> I need more power. Brief list of whats been done.
> 87 mc rebuilt with arp bolts (rod and main)
> p/polished cyl head with h/d valve springs
> K24 turbo
> three inch turbo back exhaust
> lightened flywheel
> qlcc chip
> 1.8 bar spring
> Has anyone dyno'd their 034efi set up?
> "long black dyno" numbers would be great.
> Chad

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