RS2 Wheel/Tire Musings

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Richard Hi,

The 245/40/17 do fit (tightly but they do) on the RS2's 7X17' rims but IIRC
the offset of those PORSCHE originating rims has nothing to do with the AUDI
rims. In addition IIRC (again) the hubs of the RS2 are unique in the AUDI
spare parts bin and must also come from PORSCHE (the wheel nuts do BTW)


The ONLY tyre of 245/40/17  size having factory approval (from the tyre
maker and AUDI) to be used on the RS2's 7X17" rims is the DUNLOP SP8000.
People who have fitted 245/40/17 tyres (including my car by its previous
owners) had problems with the tyres' behaviour not to mention serious
deformation and wear of the tyres.  I am currently running 225/45/17
Goodyear F1 tyres instead of SP8000 245/40/17 since those (the SP's) are not
available anymore in the Greek market.
And the car behaves far better with the F1s when compared with the
Bridgestone S-02 that were fitted (but with the non compatible 245 size)

Take care

P.S. Not wishing to light up another debate about tyre sizes but why do you
need such a wide footprint? This only increases rolling resistance and does
bad to your steering components.

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> Ok...the RS2 got me thinking...
> The RS2 uses a 7x17 wheel with a 245/40/17 squeezed on there.  The fenders
> are not exceptionally flared more than most typ89/B4 cars.
> How do these wheels/tires fit with no rubbing?
> I know a lot of us would be pleased to get a 245/40/17 under the arches
> this is making me think it is possible!
> Am I wrong??
> Richard
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