Stock fuel injection / 034 EFI

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Wed Jun 12 21:06:11 EDT 2002

>Definately, I'm not saying that my car is perfectly tuned yet (FAAAAR from it), I was just replying with general comments on the idle control.  Even
>if/when I get my car perfectly tuned there is still nothing currently in the
>ECU to prevent somewhat annoying RPM fluctuations when the radiator fan comes
>on.  Another issue with no idle control is that there is no way to easily and
>precisely set the idle speed iteself.  Currently I can only do this by
>adjusting the slide screw on the CIS warmup valve I'm using which is anything
>but precise ;-).

Buddy, you're preaching to the choir  =)

>My goal was to go for a clean installation which is why I went with the
>ignition half of CIS III only coupled with the 034 fuel computer.  People
>that want to precisely control the fuel metering in their engines might also want precise idle control.

Of course

>It just seems a bit silly to mess about with such manual and "linear" air
>valves on a car with a programable ECU.

Sure, but it does work surprisingly well.

>> The next version of 034 will have an additional driver for ISV,
>cool, will you offer any kind of a trade-up program?  Will this be the same release as the 034 ignition component?

Yes, the next version will have ignition and idle control, we'll work something out.

>> however, or
>> an additional driver can be purchased for about $200 that can be programmed
>> to control idle settings.
>from where?

Basically you can use the supplementary controller to control the ISV, precisely mapping duty cycle based on MAP and RPM, lemme know if you want to talk more.

>I know the main pricing problem is that 034 is fairly low volume, but as a comparison the SDS EM-3D goes for about the same $$ and has an output to
>drive an ISV.

Ah ha, but read more closely, the SDS is a simple device, its only controlling two preset solenoids, they are either open or closed, and you don't get to necessarily even choose what RPM.  It is not a sophisticated device like the stock ISV:

"On most engines, the solenoid allows the engine to achieve between 800 and 1500 rpm during the warmup cycle. Installation requires running 5/16 vacuum hose from the air filter to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the intake manifold. The control system is either on or off. There is no proportional control of rpm. "

Basically no reason you couldn't hook up that air solenoid right now using and idle switch and a relay or two, I'd like to offer a more sophisticated control, the SDS doesn't differ much from the Aux air valve, except the aux. air valve is actually more flexible.

>Now, all that said, 034EFI is a great system and I look forward to tuning the
>car as time permits!

Well good, lets hope it doesn't sit around idling much anyway, mine doesn't  ;)


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