Aftermarket stereo in,no am reception

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You need to find the amp power wire and feed it switched power.


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OK, finished installing my Alpine head unit this
past weekend and my speakers. I'm really glad I
wired it before actually getting all of the
parts. The install went smoothly, Bose out,
Alpine in. There are laminated paper adapters
glues to the rear speakers. I just ripped them
off, and put them on the new Premiers. No
alternator whine, or anything. I got my antenna
adapter for the VW-din jack. Anyway, I get no AM
reception. I tried using the other antenna, but
still nothing. I get engine noise through the
tuner in am. FM is fine, however. I'm using the
rear antenna because it give better FM than the
front. I'm going to get a y adapter to plug both
in together.

ANyway, what gives? No AM?
BTW-for a couple of days, I was using a length
of wire stretched across my dash as an antenna
while waiting for my adapter to come in. I got a
couple of am stations and the engine noise was
not as pronounced. Any fixes would be

'90 200q, no more Bose :) Dream Theater Spotlight @ CDNOW
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