Thanks so far with all the help!! (89 quattro 100)

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Thu Jun 13 17:41:18 EDT 2002

That is being generous, I was going to say "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY" (half

In all seriousness, unless you have the time and the money to go through the
car bumper to bumper and fix a couple of large problems and a million little
ones, don't buy it.  Without service records you are playing Russian
roulette, it may run for a week - it may run for 10 years.

I'm really not trying to rain on any parades, I've owned and driven nothing
but Audi's (1 VW) since 1975.  I am comfortable with their systems and
idiosyncrasies, I have reliable and _Cheap_ parts sources, and I do all my
own work.  This has saved me big$$ owning Audi's.  If you have to pay
someone else to do work on it, your $2000.00 car may turn into a $5,000 car
or more.

My .02.  I really do love these cars, people have told me I'm nuts!

Chris Perry
89 90q

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> 2. The shifting was REALLY loose... and if I shifted too "quickly"
> (according to the owner) a flashing oil can symbol would come up on the
> display  for a few seconds...
> 3. The owner was another student who had it for a year.... no maint.
> records, it was bought by the previous owner at auction. He is leaving for
> china in a week and needs to sell the car.


Huw Powell

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