No Belts: How Long Drive Time? Answer.

Ed Birch edwbirch at
Fri Jun 14 23:55:29 EDT 2002

Jim Bonnet wrote.......

>Personally, I dont see anything wrong with the was the dealer handled
> this.. They have pre-scehduled appointments.... They need to stick to
> those as best they can....

That's what the Service Writer want's you to believe.  Let's say that Mr.
Bank President shows up unannounced with his brand new A-8 suffering from a
minor problem.  Service Writer gonna tell Mr. President to leave his $80K
car 'n come back in a couple of days??  Sales Manager would be very pissed!
Or, a couple vacationing with an A-8 passing though the city experience
braking problems and they're told: Hey, just leave your car for a few days,
cause you don't have a appointment.  They won't be happy campers!

Most car dealers have a technican or two who's able to work on small jobs
listed as "Waiting".
And replacing drive belts on an I-5 motor ain't exactly major overhaul.

The Service Writer appeared to be clueless on the belt repair and chased you
away with the 3 hour shop time and all day wait.

In short, he was too damn lazy to write-up your car!

Ed Birch.....93-100S
(Screw the dealer, give me a good independent shop)

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