vacuum line overhaul time...sizes, clamps?

Dan Z. Johnson danz at
Sat Jun 15 22:55:32 EDT 2002

I second Mark's procedure. I did the same on my '95 90q, after discovering a
broken vacuum line. A quick check showed that all the hoses near the engine
were on their way out. Exposure to high heat, I assume.
I used colored wire ties to correspond to the color code of the former, cloth
covered hose.
That was a year ago, so far, so good.

Marc Swanson wrote:

> I put all new rubber lines all around on my 4ktq.  I found that Robins Auto
> Parts (a small FLAPS chain) carried everything I needed.  I didn't actually
> use metric sized hose, just whatever SAE size was closest.  Use the
> reinforced stuff when you can as it will last longer (they usually call it
> fuel hose).
> > Given how much of a royal PITA these things are to get off, I'm all
> > ears to alternatives.  Dan had some little spring-like clips that
> > looked interesting; squeeze with pliers to widen, slip over, let go.
> > Anyone used these and found them suitable?  Screw-type clamps won't
> > work in a couple of places, like the bypass valve w/the recessed
> > connection...
> for the clamps I ended up finding out that zip ties amazingly enough work
> great for the small vacuum connections.  as long as whatever port you are
> sliding the hose onto has a flare on the end the zip tie should hold things
> down quite nicely.  I used a flat bladed screwdriver and a pair of needle
> nose pliers to make sure I got them nice and snug.
> Later
> -Marc-
> 87 4ktq
> 88 90q

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