Can this CV joint clank?

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Sun Jun 16 14:26:46 EDT 2002

I am reposting it again - it was no response.  I think my question whether
it could clank was not clear. What I ment was the clanking sounded like once
per revolution (my estimation).  I expect that, taking into account symmetry
of CV joint mechanism, if it worn out then it will clank # of balls more
frequent then once per revolution.  Of course, it might not the case at
all.  That's why my question.
The rest of questions below  I hope have more sense.



Konstantin Bogach wrote:

> Hi listers.
> I have drive shaft off.  Front CV has play. Rear is tight.  The play is
> not big.  Could this CV make loud clanking sound?  The soud went away
> when I step on clutch or shift to neutral.  That's why I suspect the
> drive shaft.  I never delt with CVs before and I can not understand
> looking on it how it could make such sound even it has play.  By the
> way, clanking was coming and going.  2 times when I drove to mechanic to
> diagnose clanking it went away. Came back in one day.  I can not explain
> it also looking on CV joint.
> How to detach front CV joint from drive shaft?  Can I use CRC grease
> available in Pep Boys to repack CV joint?  If it is not recommended what
> grease should I look for?
> I would appreciate any gidelines how to repack CV joint.  How much
> grease should I put there?
> Sorry about flood of questions.
> Thank you.
> Konstantin Bogach.
> 200tq '89
> 200tqa '89

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