[urq] Blau 40mm exh valve??

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Mon Jun 17 11:13:40 EDT 2002

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Many Colorado boys helped me do this swap on a 23hour marathon (incl:
Lawson, Spiers, Howell, Eiche) to install this combo on my 87 t44tqw about 4
years ago (in Spiers ex girlfriends garage in fact).  The valves (at least
the ones I have, I'm pretty sure Blau is still getting them from the same
supplier as mine) are custom ground sodium filled units.  I attached to it, a
2pc EM, RS2+ turbo (bigger cold side, POS that it is ;), and 3in turbo back
exhaust, running 22psi.

IME, you have about 3mm before you overlap valve seats.  IMO, you can always
turn up the boost on the inlet side, but you have to get the exhaust energy
out, which helps spool up the turbo as well.



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Is this right, has anyone ever seen this head, do the actually do a 38/40


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