4kq random signal relay

Steven Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Mon Jun 17 17:47:04 EDT 2002


Bob wrote:

> Im sorry, I forgot to mention, I did a visual only on the bulbs and they all work. Sounds like a
> dirty socket might be a good place to start though if its load dependant?

Do you have a ground strap as Huw detailed on his website?  On my 84, circut board needs cleaning
every once in a while so I brush it with a tooth brush.  I have sprayed electical cleaner on the
board too after removing all bulbs.  Then taken any residue off with some really fine sandpaper and
made sure all the contacts were touching what they needed to and reinstalled.  It has been working
well so far, but on my car I think the turn stalk onthe steering wheel needs to be checked.  You
might want to check that too.


84 4kqs

> Bernard Littau wrote:
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> >
> > > The signals (left OR right) seem to blink fairly randomly when I
> > > try to use them.... It isnt the
> > > same amount of time in between blinks.
> > >
> > > Every once in a while the relay bounces too and buzzes instead of
> > > a good solid CLICK.
> > > Ideas on where to look first?
> >
> > Hi Bob,
> >
> > Start by looking for bad bulbs on either side.  The 4k blinker is load
> > dependent, and you don't have the autocheck to tell you if you have a bad
> > bulb.
> >
> > Bernard Littau
> > Woodinville, WA
> > '88 5ktq
> > '86 4kq

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