Timing belt fitting and clutch slave cylinder removal...

gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Tue Jun 18 21:32:44 EDT 2002

> Looks like its awful close, I'd say look into the tensioner and
> ensure that it is the smaller size.  Also, you might want to try
> removing the water pump bolts to get the belt on, then reattaching
> the water pump bolts, the belt should easily turn 90 degrees once
> properly snugged up.  The oil temp sender goes on the pass. side of
> the oil pump.

Took the bolts off, but it doesn't gain extra clearance. I reckon I've
got the roll tensioner/roller. "Mo money! Mo money!"

Urh... you mean the driver's side. :) I might as well get a price on a
new one when I go for the belt tensioner thing just in case I test it
and it isn't within spec. Oil temp gauge never seemed to work anyway. :(


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