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Wed Jun 19 00:09:42 EDT 2002

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Last weekend I was in San Diego and installed a used Stoptech Brake kit on a
friend's S4tt.  After bleeding the brakes and attempting to bed the pads, an
odd "clicking" sensation existed in the pedal, feeling like the ABS was
over-reacting or something.  Anyway, to no avail, I recommended he call

Now, keep in mind this was a used kit that he bought from a private party,
with an unknown history, etc.  He talked to Stoptech on Monday, basically,
after some questions, etc, they offered to give him new calipers and brake
lines (because his appeared to be short under full lock), no charge.  To top
it off, if he is willing to drive his car to Torrance (about a 2 hour drive),
they will even install the calipers and lines for free.

I must say that this kind of service is unheard of, especially in the

I applaud Stoptech for having a long term customer support strategy.

No affiliations,

Javad Shadzi

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