ALERT! Stolen Borbet 15" w/Dunlops in NH

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Wed Jun 19 15:46:49 EDT 2002

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Keep an eye on Ebay. I heard couple of bad stories.

>From: "Chris Semple"
>To: ,
>Subject: ALERT! Stolen Borbet 15" w/Dunlops in NH
>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:02:14 -0400
>Not the best way to start the day, with a nice policewoman knocking on my
>door to advise me that my rims and tyres had been "removed" from my '87
>4000q. Indeed they had, but the thieves were kind enough to leave me a
>matched pair of cinderblocks. Police report on file, insurance
>advised, local tyre and wheel shops as well as service shops made aware
>also. Been on the car three years and about 9k miles without issue. Probably
>taken by a Vw owner who will soon be looking to dump them as they won't fit.
>15x7" Borbet Type C's, silver finish, mounted with Dunlop Sp8000's, 9k
>usage, mint shape.
>I'd appreciate it if anyone with a tip drops me a line.
>w- 603-223-6700
>Chris Semple
>Concord NH
>'87 4000q, now riding on 14" BBS.
> '84 4000tq Lightweight w/Fuchs(better go check)
> '93 E350 club w/steels
> '92 S4 w/stock

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