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Don't know much about Finland and Sweden, but in Denmark, go to Legoland in
Billund, Skagen has a church which was buried by sand in the early 20Th
century and other nice sites, there's a beach in nirthern Jutland to drive
on - the scenery includes hundreds of naked and topless beachgoers.

While in Copenhagen, be sure to visit Tivoli, and perhaps "Bakken" if you
like amusement parks. The changing of the guards at Amalienborg castle is a
sight to behold - every day at noon! Take a stroll down "Strøget", the long
street that has been converted to walking-only, and is comparable to our
"malls". All the good shopping in Copenhagen is there, including the
official Royal Copenhagen china shop. Take a trip on the hydrofoil boats to
Malmö in Sweden.

Go to Helsingør castle to visit the ancient Danish Viking, Holger Danske,
who is located in the basement - now a petrified statue with a long beard,
which has grown into the table - but every time Denmark goes to war, he
awakens and does battle for Denmark.

On Zeeland (Sjælland) there are many castles, Viking exhibitions, and other
fun things to see within a short drive from Copenhagen, including what at
the time it was completed was the longest single-span suspension bridge in
the world - "Storebæltsbroen", which crosses the "big belt" of water that
separates Sjælland (Zeeland) from Fyn (Funen), with further expressway links
to Jylland (Jutland).

If you get that far, Aarhus has "Den Gamle By" (The Old Town), which is a
collection of buildings from the 1800's, meticulously taken down brick by
brick, and reconstructed in Den Gamle By. It has buildings from all over the

Aarhus Cathedral is spectacular. The story behind the huge model ship
suspended from the ceiling is quite exciting too. Also in Aarhus is
Moesgaard Museum, which exhibits many Viking artifacts, as well as
"Grauballe manden" - the man from Grauballe - who is about 900 years old,
and was murdered, and found in a bog 50+ years ago - as well as replicas of
"Guldhornene" the Golden Horns, which are Viking artifacts found in a field
by a farmers daughter, and later stolen after replicas were made.

Jelling is the ancient capitol of Denmark, where the first King (Gorm the
Old) and Queen of Denmark are buried in huge burial mounds, with huge rune
stones, describing their persons marking the site.

I could go on and on - but to get the Audi content in here - Best rent an
Audi in Copenhagen...   :-)

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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> Hi everybody,
> We will travel to Sweden ( business trip) the month of August and just
> decided to stay longer, probably another 10 days. We've already been to
> Norway but not to Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Could somebody, please make
> any recommendations of what to visit during these 10 days. We are planning
> to drive. We will fly in and out from Copenhagen.
> Thanks a lot,
> Dan G.

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