H4 conversion

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Jun 19 23:05:57 EDT 2002

> 84 4ksq
> I am looking to upgrade my current 4 lamp sealed beam system to an H4 4
> lamp system, the low will change to low/highs.

Let's start there... I don't mean to be cruel, but you might want to
familiarize yourself with how your headlights work first - the outer
lamps are Low/Hi and the inners are Hi only.  But anyway...

> I am looking for a good source for the housings, I can easily find the
> bulbs and do the wiring. I remember there are some cheap housings and some
> decent housing. I think the total for the decent housings was around $80 or
> so. I am just looking for the source.

Crappy lenses, JC Witless and the like, are $20 each.  Hellas should be
about $30-40 - sorry I wish I could tell you a good cheap source for
them... I got my round ones at PUMA, but now I can replace them at a WMB
mail house that is local.  The Cibies are better than the Hellas, but
run about $80 each.

They drop right into your brackets, and all you have to do is wire them
right, using relays of course.  You're gonna love the results.  Spend
the $160-odd, you will *never* regret it.

Huw Powell



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