power windows/sunroof wires

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Jun 20 23:27:31 EDT 2002

> Huw, thanks for your suggestions, but I already checked the switches, the
> circuit breakers, and the control unit--all good.

going back "on list" with this...

I still think you haven't checked that switch.

dig out the switch for the bad window in the drivers door.  It should
have a wire just like that dead power wire.  is it getting 12 volts when
the switch is not active?

> |> My real problem is this: the passenger side window switch won't operate
> |> the power window, and the sunroof won't work. Now in both cases I have
> |> figured out that the problem is a wire: in the window case, it is the
> |> red/blue wire that connects to terminal 4 of the switch; in the
> |> sunroof caes, it is the black/blue wire that connects to terminal 5 of the
> |> switch. In both cases these are the wires that provide the juice. Now my
> |> problem is that the window wire does not appear to be broken in the door
> |> jamb as one would expect.
> |
> |I suspect a bad switch in the drivers side for that window.  That's
> |where the power comes from.  Try swapping it with one of the others and
> |see what happens.

Huw Powell



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