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I wasn't identified by name, but this bugged me all day yesturday and after
talking to someone else about it, I decided to do this.....

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1st of all...

what the hell is your name?

Steve?  Scott?

thats the 3rd name I have seen for you.  That isnt inspiring much trust in
anything you say....

>I got burned by a well known lister on an 87
>5ktq. He made me drive up to Hartford CT to pick
>up a pos. I bought it at a way reduced price. He
>also kept me waiting while he went on vacation,

I explained to you UP FRONT I had a training class to go to for work.  Its
not like I up and left like your making it out to be.  It was NOT a

>I could've gotten another 5ktq in the
>meantime, but he cornered me, then said no title
>after he said he had one.

I had a title from when I bought the vehicle but it was issued from MAINE.
Rhode Island DOES NOT issue titles for cars over x years old.  I did not
find this out till I went to go get a copy of the title and instead they
gave me a copy of the Rhode Island State regulation reguarding this so you
could register/title it in another state...

>Meanwhile, everything
>just happened to stop working on the car the day
>he brought it out and the metal radiator found
>its way into his 200q wagon. I have the emails
>to prove it all. Really slimy trash.

The car was my daily driver.  I had been having issues with the steering
rack which I had both posted to the list AND to Chris.  The leaking diff
seal went totally unnoticed by me as I thought it was pentosin from the
leaking rack.

The metal radiator started off in the 200qw.  IT NEVER WAS IN THE 5ktq.  The
5ktq had a radiator that was replaced in like 96 if i remember the date on
the sticker!  It was in GREAT shape.

>Likes to keep talking about how he's some kind
of kung fu guy, like he's going to intimidate me
into not trying to rip him off.

This is one of the things that torques me off the most.  I was testing for
my black belt in the next few weeks and I'm sorry if I like to talk about
something I considered fun and important in my life.  I have NEVER EVER
tried to intimidate ANYONE with what I know in martial arts.  Thats NOT what
its about.  If you had any clue about it you would know this, but then it
seems you don't even know your own name....

>He ripped off Chris Semple a couple of times. He sent me email
correspondences between them two that showed a
totally different story with what I was told
about the car.

Chris and I have been dealing with each other since I got into quattros.  I
have NEVER had a problem with him, and he MOST CERTAINLY has never had a
problem with me.  If he did, we would have resolved it.

>Twice been burned on the qlist

Lets see... burned....

Original agreement for the car was 1500.00

When you saw the car, you claimed I didn't tell you about the dent in the
fender.  I did, but perhaps I didn't explain it correctly.  The rack was
leaking, but it was a replacement from Force5 and Chris agreed to send
another one to you.  You acted like you knew everything about the car, but
what you knew was mistaken.  Changing a steering rack does NOT necessatate
an alignment.  Yes it will SLIGHTLY change things up front, but very
slightly and unless your running on the track or are really concerned with
handling you would never notice it.  You found the rear seal on the tranny
leaking.  Something I hadn't even thought of looking at.  I thought the
smoke was pentosin dripping on the downpipe.  My bad.  I'm willing to take
my share of the responsibility for that.  I'm not a mechanic by trade.
Audi's are my hobby.  Thats it.  So that means I'm NOT a professional
wrench.  I am GOING to miss things when learning the car.  It was my 1st

We ended up at 900$.  For a car with a few problems, but you neglect to
mention the things that were replaced.  Lets see, clutch and pressure plate
(450$).  Inner rear bushings (75$ EACH!).  Head had been taken off the car,
the broken studs replaced and the exhaust manifold replaced with a better
used one.  The left side engine mount had been replaced as well (40$).  It
also had ATE powerdiscs and Pagid pads in the front with rebuilt G60
calipers (300$).  Car had been repainted by Maaco about 12-13 months before
I sold it. (500$)

So how was that ripping you off?  I certainly didn't twist your arm OR
threaten you with my martial arts as you claim.  You could have said no
thats too much work and just say no.  You chose to offer me less and I took
it.  You NEVER emailed me back or called me about ANY problems at all.  You
just assumed I was trying to rip you off.  Well thanks for the chance to try
and fix things.

If anyone here is slimy trash, I would consider you near the top of the
list, Steve Babbar/Steve Thomas/whoever the hell you really are.

86 5ktq
89 200tqa

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