#302 on the ATP Dynojet

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Fri Jun 21 12:34:54 EDT 2002

I sent this to urq list, if anybody else is interest, drop me an email.

Hey guys,

Had nothing better to do at lunch and $85 to burn so I ran my urq with new
clutch on the ATP's Dynojet (www.vwturbo.com) which happens to be right
around the corner from my office.

My urq: stock WX motor (115K) with K24 turbo and TAP chip running 14
psi.  Stock piping with cat and end muffler only, lightened 2Bennett flywheel.

Did 5 runs altogether, it was supposed to be just 3 on the baseline run,
but the guys kept insisting I crank up the air fuel mixture which I
did-about 3/4 turns.  Power fell off on subsequent runs-wonder if it could
be the infamous K24 heat soak phenomenon.

Max HP: 152.2 @ 5400 rpm
Max Torque: 174.2 lb-ft @ 3400 rpm

Horse power is measured at the wheel.  By comparison a stock 1.8T A4 (rated
@ 150 HP) measures something like 99-100 HP.  ATP says losses through the
drive train can run up to 35%, so my engine could be making upwards of 205
HP :^)

Mixture was still slightly lean, max at 12.8:1, but averaging more like
13-13.3.  Better check the wot switch! The ATP guy says either add another
injector or cut the boost down to 12 psi (which is definitely easier to
do!) ATP guy said the boost stayed nice and even.  Coolant temps reached
110 deg. C but no higher and fully dropped by to normal by the time I got
back to the office.

I've got the data run in a .pdf format, if anybody wants to see it, reply
and I'll make up a send to list.


urq #900302

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