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scott thomas scott at
Fri Jun 21 16:56:24 EDT 2002

I use a pseudonym because I'm preventing my info
going out on the web. EBAY & AOL might as well
just advertise your info. Also, my personal
email address does not accept list mail.

As far as yourself and Chris-I'd like to not get
him involved. He's been very decent. He did send
me a copy of the emails between you two about
how you kept trying to get used steering racks
off him and how it was "false economy".

Parking lot dents and dings is not a horrible
repaint upon repaint. Nor is it a big dent in
the fender. A daily driver will not have bad
ball joints appear the day the car is delivered.
Bad rear tie rod? Metal radiator? You said, "oh,
I know one car has it...I forgot." It ended up
that it was in your 200q wagon. More miles than
listed on ebay. The ebay listing, along with the
dmv registration confirms that the car had
~15,000 more miles. Oil cooler left to rest on
the fender. ABS stopped working the day of
delivery? Missing items here and there. The
paint faded the day after I brought it home?

Anyway, I bought a project car and that's it.
Just because it was settled in person doesn't
mean that I was happy. The car wasn't as
advertised on ebay, nor was it what we spoke of
on emails, which I still have.

Simply put, I bought the car and that's it. I
let the qlist rep carry alot, thinking I
wouldn't be ripped off. As far as the head goes,
you didn't exactly remember why the exhaust
studs were done. You even asked yourself. Don't
forget, I had my friend with me.

Last thing-I gave a vague description of what
happened and you immediately knew who I was.
This was based on what you call a "made up"
story. Very interesting that you know I was
referring to you witout naming you, using a fake
story? I also did tell other listers in private
the things that were right with the car. I'm
objective. There have been several listers that
have seen the car after I bought it.

Be mature and take the fight off the list and
end it here. It's over.

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