changed clutch slave-easy job

scott thomas scott at
Fri Jun 21 17:02:28 EDT 2002

Finished changing my clutch slave on my 200q.
Took only about an hour. Would have been quicker
if I could've gotten that damn bolt in right the
first few times. Must say it's easier than the
5k because you don't have that roll pin or
siezing into the block. Helps when the slave
works, too. Just hit the pedal and it pops out.
Mine jsut came out with wiggling.

I am using a 5ktq hose with no troubles. It
helps alot if you open the bleeder valve when
installing, to compress the cylinder. I have
seen a couple of places where listers didn't
mention this and used the shift linkage to force
it in. Anyway, had more than enough leverage,
bled the entire braking system and it works
well. It's really funny how the old cylinder
died completely, then started working properly

Using Valvoline Synthetic. Lasts a while and
lubricates well. Dream Theater Spotlight @ CDNOW
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