Looking for four-season tire recommendations

Brad Wilson dotnetguy at pobox.com
Sat Jun 22 18:04:19 EDT 2002

Yes, I know, use 3-season and snows. I have snows that I'll use in the
deepest part of winter, but with the possibility of snow as early as
September and as late as June, I want more than 4 months on high performance
tires. :)

I have a set of Bridgestone RE-730s that will be dead by mid to end summer
that I enjoyed a lot. They got a little noisy at the end, but nowhere near
as noisy as my snows are now. I'd like something in a similar performance
category (recognizing that I'm giving up something by putting on 4 season
tires, of course), but capable of dealing with low temps and occasional
snow. The size tires I run is 235/45-17. I'll continue to use the snows in
the really deep of winter, so they don't have to be _exceptional_ snow
performers by any stretch.

If anybody has any suggestions, please send away!

Best regards,

2000 A6 2.7 biturbo quattro
2 turbos, 1 driver ... no limits

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