Looking for four-season tire recommendations

Bryan eurocar at gci.net
Sun Jun 23 10:27:21 EDT 2002

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>Yes, I know, use 3-season and snows. I have snows that I'll use in the
>deepest part of winter, but with the possibility of snow as early as
>September and as late as June, I want more than 4 months on high performan=
>tires. :)

I have a C4 customer who liked his Michelin Pilot Alpins so much he started=
 running them year round, until a couple auto crosses took them away. He ha=
d them in 17's, don't remember the exact size. A number of IT racers use th=
em in the winter on cleared but cold pavement (http://www.aksportscarclub.o=
rg/Rondy2002.htm). I also have several customers using the Arctic Alpin yea=
r round on more mundane vehicles, they seem to good for 30-40K miles. The a=
bsolute best winter tire is still the Nokian Hakkapelitta with studs.

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