87 5ksq sunroof question

Rex Pedersen fega at fega.com
Mon Jun 24 11:42:11 EDT 2002

My son called me 100 miles from home last night and said the sunroof won't
close. No motion either way. I instructed him how to close it manually for
What fuse feeds power to the sunroof/switch? It was working fine and just
stopped. I can't see a fuse or relay listed in my manula for the sunroof.
There must be one that feeds it in conjunction with something else?
If I where there, I could bird dog it down, but my son has a hard time
knowing the difference between a phillips and regular screwdriver..:)
Rex Pedersen
Ludington, MI
90 V8q
87 5KSq
86 5KS wagon

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