Looking for four-season tire recommendations

David.Ullrich at ferguson.com David.Ullrich at ferguson.com
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Wet traction isn't quite as good as a real "rain tire" but is quite acceptable. I've gone 55 MPH in complete downbursts and didn't feel as though I was loosing traction (yeah, I know, slow down). I think these tiers are a great compromise for those of us who don't want to fiddle with summer & winter tires...


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> "The HP4 716 High Performance All Season tire offers the best combination of
> quiet ride, handling, wet traction and long mileage, making this tire a
> great high performance value. The HP4 is the first Kumho high performance
> tire engineered from SCCA race tire technology.
> UTQG: 360 A/A"
> I have to agree with everything the page said. These tires are great. Very
> quiet, no squealing, handle well (for an all season, no comparing it to the
> Zs on my RX-7), should last a LONG time, and the price is right. Check out
> the site: http://www.kumhousa.com/pages/pcr/pass_hp.htm
> Dave

How do they really do in the wet?  Hydroplaning seems to be the biggest
problem I find with most tires.  If they stick in the wet, they often have
problems elsewhere...  Have you driven them in some nasty rain and puddle


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